Refine and Design

You may have dozens of investments, without a clear idea of their current performance, value or tax exposure. You may want a better understanding of your choices when it comes to stock options, transferring ownership of your business, or planning your estate.

Robert helps you settle these ambiguities, and create a financial plan that clearly and concisely communicates your investment goals. The result is a cohesive investment strategy designed exclusively for helping you work toward your life vision.

A Vital Collaboration

While brokers, pundits, and websites offer tips at every turn, these scattered recommendations don't equal a financial plan. Similarly, while you may have an attorney, a CPA, and a broker, they often have slightly different perceptions of your wealth and goals. 

Robert offers you an overall plan for your invested assets - a plan that directs your wealth while providing flexibility and the opportunity for collaboration with your existing advisors. He believes working interdependently creates a cohesive team committed to achieving your clearly defined objectives. 


As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Robert takes a global view of your wealth. His planning is comprehensive, and aims to resolve family issues and indecision.

Whether you want to make work optional or just work in a new way, Robert's strategies can help position you to start or enter new ventures with appropriate capital and confidence in your finances.

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