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The Vision Realization ProgramTM

Following is a brief explanation of my process...  

  1. THE PERSONAL VISION CONSULTATION:  A one-to-one meeting that helps you pursue greater clarity about your current situation, and develop a clear and compelling vision for your future.
  2. THE FINANCIAL FOUNDATION ASSESSMENT: Helps you analyze your established financial foundation, identify gaps that may impact your success and highlight your best opportunities.
  3. THE VISION STRATEGY SESSION:   A step-by-step strategic planning session, during which we work together to address all the obstacles you face and choose the most appropriate strategies, tools, and team for pursuing your goals.
  4. THE VISION REALIZATION BLUEPRINT:  Based on our work together in The Vision Strategy Session, we create a detailed, personal blueprint for executing, monitoring and measuring the potential success of your plan.
  5. THE VISION REALIZATION SYSTEM:  An exclusive and integrated system of resources, capabilities, and experience committed to the efficient and effective implementation of your Vision Realization Blueprint.
  6. THE VISION REALIZATION REVIEW:  Regular strategic review sessions to celebrate your progress, address challenges as they arise, and take advantage of new opportunities in a timely manner.

The Vision Realization ProgramTM will strive to help you maximize your financial opportunities, work toward enhancing your family’s lifestyle, and pursue your goals. The Vision Realization ProgramTM strives to help you with the following:

  • Have a cohesive investment strategy in place.
  • Have investments that are organized, integrated, and appropriate for pursuing your goals.
  • Have a clearly defined cash flow plan and budget in place.
  • Have established a complete, up to date retirement and estate plan.
  • Have addressed life’s uncertainties and potentially minimize risk.
  • Have a trusted source of advice and your advisors will be working together on your behalf.
  • Not pay any more tax than is legally required by working interdependently with your CPA.
  • Manage your finances proactively and be better prepared to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to pursue many goals.
  • Have the opportunity to use your wealth to perpetuate your values.
  • Feel more confident about the future.

I think that once we complete the program, you will have an understanding of your financial situation, an understanding of your lifestyle, and a strategy and active plan to pursue it. I will be there with you to coach you through your activities.

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